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Jim Dimmett Our federal leaders have left it up to the states. So there are 50 different direction we are going. <a href="">China New Virus Hantavirus : How Deadly is The 2020 Virus Outbreak in China</a> is the United States of America, and as you know "united we stand divided we fall". Usually we expect strong leadership for direction, it seems delegation of this power is a more federalist approach to pre-civil war states.

<a href="">DJ Pooh Marvin Watkins Death - Dead :&nbsp;Marvin Watkins Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown</a> understand how people want more testing done. However if the treatment for a positive test is the same as that of a negative test, maybe we should put our resources elsewhere and be prepared with ramped up testing once we have identified effective treatments. <a href="">Karina Berman Deaths-Dead&nbsp;&nbsp;/ Obituaries :&nbsp;Karina Berman may have passed away.</a> is the only way to not get it and to not spread it. <a href="">Ministry Bill Rieflin Death - Dead :&nbsp; Bill Rieflin Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown</a> on a test doesn't change that. <a href="">Terrence McNally Death - Dead :&nbsp; Terrence McNally Obituary, Cause of Death CoronaVirus</a> 'd rather see the dollars spent on vaccine development and PPE manufacturing, with preparations put in place to start testing on a mass scale once we have a cure or treatment. <a href="">Merle and Dee Tofte Death - Dead :&nbsp; Merle and Dee Tofte Obituary, Cause of Death CoronaVirus</a> is if you test negative now, they're going to have to test you again, then maybe again. <a href="">NY Times Alan Finder Death - Dead :&nbsp; Alan Finder Obituary, Cause of Death CoronaVirus</a> leads to a lot of wasted tests.

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