Alyssa Preville (colbonorthherr1983)

Finally some of the gests came into the dining room. The young slave stood at attention ready to serve food and drink to all. One women addressed the slave directly. Was she new? Where did she come from and how long had she been in service at this great house? The slave answered honestly. She was new and had only been there a few weeks. She was the high school whore and her brother was her pimp for years before her arrival here. The beautiful redhead did not seem at all surprised. She herself had been taken by her master at a very young age. Her parents were drunks who needed money. They looked the other way as he made her his property in exchange for the cash they wanted so badly.
old-and-young More spit beer poured over head. “Cheap Amercan Whore.” “Fuck that stupid bitch ass.”
russian Logan brought over the IV stands. They both took a rubber hose and pushed it into the largest of the two nozzles that stuck out of the back of the inflatable dildos. A small clamp locked the hoses in place. Then Logan and Laura took a step back, gave each other a grin, and loosened the valves on the enema bags.