Mary Bishop (brodgiesubsri1983)

I gasped and a shudder ran through me, but it was the opposite of repulsion – her harsh words stirred such a vision of being used as the sex-toy of an endless series of rapacious lesbians (hopefully Japanese and Chinese, as I was now completely in thrall to all Far Eastern dykes, with their lissom bodies, smooth skin and amazing sexual athleticism – but I would happily give myself to any white or black women too), that I just about orgasmed from thinking about it. She must have sensed my arousal, smelt the pussy-juice that dribbled suddenly from my parted labia, felt the thrust of my enlaged nipples against her hands, and seen my wide-eyed excitement, even as I nodded vigorously in submissive obedience. Kagami plunged one hand down between the arch of my legs, and speared two extended fingers into my vagina with unmerciful force. I groaned as I ground my cunt down against her pumping pummeling intrusion, whilst babbling:
lesbian ldquo;Yes Sir what?”
bdsm Brian nodded and dismissed Laura. He heard the slam of her car door, and the moter rev up. Brian retreated back to his memory of Lilly...