Nash Monahan (blousefile1)

Hello and happy to return. Now I would like to inform you very fast story about my efforts at greatness. I must say, don't try to make something that others possess many times more than created and perfected.

Always work to strive for your own, even if it is a really popular and beaten up concept - to triumph with this, you always need to integrate your own, introduce a few (item ) special that is you and the thing. . It's creative and hard process sometimes forgets that imagination comes from within, that y'all endeavors will sooner or later start copying parts of one another, integrating, inter-looping and inter-connecting to eventually become one true great organism of your conscious attempts at greatness. .

check this site Can I try? I surely gave it a 100 percent!!

That's what I say after my latest effort to make my own location to upload and download youtube video to your desktop and upload them into other networks and societal video platforms such as Aparat, FC2, Weibo, Odnoklassniki, etc.. Cause video needs to circulate the Earth, you understand? It requires to instantly cross platforms without bounds flow into all the internet connected libraries and entities, platforms and storage archives... It needs to be preserved for the future generations. .

In any case, my efforts... Well... I had to lose them... There is too much work inside, too much support required. I did look into it, I need to be honest. . And moreover large variety of servers and proxies involved, this will need to be rewarding, so after few months trying and dropping a few thousands of dollars on infrastructure, this section of my life is over.

Therefore I use"their" Youtube downloader

Of course"their own" in this case means"somebody else, not mine". . I really don't understand them, they don't know me. My favorite these days is Youtube downloader - it's super fast, it works good with Youtube and also 100s of other websites, and it's just the nicest strangest portal site to download videos that are online. There's no API, so my private project of movie trade between platforms is delayed until I see a fantastic enough support system. Nothing in the works right now, and after seeing how it turned out, I understood much better leave this to people who know what they are doing. . Here's how their website looks like: youtube downloader front page with search hints

It is pretty cool, I like the shadow. . Try enter some search phrases - it offers popular localized search tags, so pops out different suggestions so you don't have to keep typing...


From now I just try to stick to my own strengths, that will be many things but making these sites... Earning one is half the job - the main is the support day in, day out...