Lundberg Kock (BisgaardWolfe03)

Simply because tidy my kitchen, I gaze at the fruit flies devouring the juices of my leftover fruits and drops of honey that seeped out of its container Isnt it a marvel of how when something oozes beyond its confinements it provokes an attraction; separate entities become bonded as one by this irresistible liquid. For exploring second, I applied this metaphor to our bodies oozing of fragrant juices, seeping out.ready to ignite the attraction of another. There's require further explanation as to why some lovers have referred to the valley between ones thighs as honeyhoney that drips on a purpose. One day, my lover asked me, How did these (fruit) flies get here? I live high-up, where little buggers cannot reach such heights. Only once the nectar of these fruits seep out do I see these flies appear from who-knows-where. How is it they, these little buggers, can detect this sweet, juicy nectar from significantly away, from so excessive above the community? Its the simplest, most majestic symbol of beauty this magnetic-like desire to feast on delicious juices that require far journeys and distances, and, perhaps, even self-annihilation understand such bliss. After all, the poor little fruit flies are very susceptible to fatality (via human annoyance) during the quest of their desire. My little fruit fly, once so devoted to its nectar.completely seduced the particular scent, taste, feel, the beauty in the sweet nectar that continuously seeps out, that awaits. Sadly, like the moth gets burned by its attraction to the flame, a little fruit flies intense devotion for nectar was cut short and zapped dead. I understand the longing.the devotion with regard to an unknown fate.sucRelated Questions and Answers # 6 - Escorts, the Sex Industry, Pleasure, Sexuality In ""High-class" prostitution" Where Do Prostitutes Find out Comfort? In Milwaukee Escorts In connection with Escorting" A Courtesan: A Curiosity of Clients Intentions In "The Escorting Business" 10 Comments Filed under My Erotic Writings, My Poetry and others Tagged as arousal metaphor, erotic analogy, erotic metaphor, Erotic nectar, erotic poetry, erotic prose, erotic symbolism, moth to flame sexuality, sensual poetics, Sex, sexual analogy, sexual metaphor, Sexuality, sexuality sufism, Spirituality, sufi erotic, Sufi moth metaphor, Sufism, sufism and sexh beauty end up being worth all of ones world.