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If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, it is a good idea to make sure that your four wheel drive works before winter hits. If it works as it should, it can really help your traction on the snow and ice covered roads. <a href="">cheap parts</a> can also help reduce the risk of getting your vehicle stuck in the snow.

Every fall just after Halloween in New Jersey at an old junkyard there is a huge party for enthusiasts of anything mechanical. They call it the pumpkin run. This show covers all bases with something for everyone. There are street rods, kustoms, muscle cars, vintage race cars, 4x4's, custom vans, steam equipment, big trucks, boats and hit and miss engines. Wandering through this maze of mechanical wonder is an all day affair. There are usually over 2000 vehicles in the show. The show field is in constant change as some people come to walk the show and then leave and others arrive later. The show almost always fills to capacity and late comers are turned away from the show field.

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On Friday, May 4th, the Miller auto parts Super Late Models, Bedford Valley Petroleum Limited Late Models, TC Race Cars Street Stocks, and the Ritchey Sandblasting Hobby Stocks will be back for their second points race of the season. Stay and watch as the Ritchey Sandblasting Hobby Stocks races a double lap / double purse feature. May 4th will also be featuring kid's car rides prior to the racing action. Gates open at 5, with hot laps at 7, and racing at 7:30.

The cream colored 1973 Audi 1000 was the most beautiful car I ever owned as long as it was just sitting in the driveway and I didn't need to actually drive it anywhere. My parents and grandparents thought long and hard about the decision to deplete my college fund of the $800 they had been saving my whole life. Now that I was eligible for food stamps, I didn't need college so much, but I needed a car. As sexy as this car was, within two weeks, it cost me two jobs when it broke down on the way to work. I didn't want those jobs anyway.

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If yes, the white smoke may indicate that ATF is getting into the transaxle because of a bad modulator, while bluish may indicate that the engine needs new rings around the piston.