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Garlic and onion are also two herbs that will help you improve your overall health. Garlic has a lot of powerful antioxidants as well as antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal activity. Onions have a lot of things going for them as well. They have natural enzymes, they are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they are very good at absorbing iron. Add them to your diet and you will greatly improve your health.

You might be surprised to know that there are a number of spices that can improve your overall health as well. For example, cumin seeds are very good at improving your digestive system and at stimulating your stomach. Turmeric is excellent for reducing inflammation and at healing wounds. And cardamom can reduce pain, to give you more energy and to calm your nerves.

But the best herbs for your diet are the ones that you grow yourself. The reason for that is that you don't have to go to your local health food store to get fresh herbs. You can get them from your own kitchen or from your garden. Many herbs will also grow very well in organic containers, so look for those as well. They will be more flavorful as well, and they will smell better as well.