Amelia Wysocki (AmeliaWysocki)

My name is Amelia Wysocki. I am a proud geek and nerd.

My passions include portrait photography, photo retouching, photo manipulation, logo design, advertisement design, writing articles, and promoting creative talent, all of which I am highly proficient at.

I run two small businesses.

My photography business is Buffalo NY Portraits by Amelia Wysocki. I began photography in January of 1995 with a Mustek MDC 800. A terrible camera that I made the best of. I was only 13 then. I started working with anyone willing to be photographed until I felt I had become good enough to build an online portfolio. I started off with One Model Place, Model Mayhem, and deviantART - back when Scott Jackoff still ran things. I've worked with roughly 300 people since then and had some very interesting experiences, both wonderful and truly horrible, but I learned from all of them, which is a good thing. However, before I ever began photography, I was a photo manipulation artist. This is when you take a photo and transform it into art using software such as Adobe Photoshop. I was really good. Of course, this was years before this particular medium of art became mainstream and expensive tablets were used to include far photo-realistic detail. I got into photography simply because I grew tired of using stock and donated photos to create my art. I wanted to transform my own photos.

I've been featured in magazines including LA Weekly, NUVU, Ellements, Elegant, Solis, Surreal, Rebel, 17:23, Horizont, and many others. Also, I have earned noteworthy awards from ViewBug, Digital Pro Magazine, and As a rule, I don't personally submit my work for online contests anymore since most of them are based on popularity votes rather than how people feel about the work itself.

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