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Printer is not working? When you get your printer powered on, but it does not respond at any. The power light is after. Everything seems to be ok, but your printer just will not respond. Can be a very annoying problem that a lot ladies have encountered. How repair not responding" problem completely?HP LaserJet 3055 can be a multifunction printing device. It is used to print scan copy and fax. The printer is styled well with neat look and takes less space with dimensions 30.6 inches by 12.9 inches by 16 inches. The printer is easily carried by yourself as usually weighs 28.4 pounds. As it is manufactured with superior laser technology it provides high quality prints and needs less intervention from customers. It can scan color copies and print, scan copy fax in only black. Ought to an Energy star qualified printer. Driver support is supplied for duplex printing but papers require be fed manually. The printer does not have memory card, prints can be generated only by connecting the printer together with computer.Step 4 Behind Enter a port name input the Ip address and the category of your network printer, for example, \\\HplaserJ.2 or \\mypc\printer. Then click Next.Maintenance - As with most inkjet compact disk / digital video disc printers, the Print Factory expert should possess inner sensors and components cleaned about just about every 5000 discs as a result of ink a good deal more than touch. In addition, lucrative two printheads (1 for Black/Yellow as well as something to the Cyan/Magenta) that phone have to have replacing greens are very important every 50,000 discs or possibly even longer. We havent experienced the phone call for to replace any printheads as among the review. a few.5 Stars.I encountered a situation with this computer in which there was a mishap caused through Printer Driver that made it and Windows not capable of working together. The printer would say to update and appearance with Windows and then Windows would say difficulties was with HP, the printer.Paper jams- A quite normal issue because of the printers, paper jams occur frequently due a number of reasons while dirt the actual printer, damaged paper roller, or wrong type of paper is needed etc. Clean the printer with a soft, dry cloth and if possible which it stays in a dirt-free or clean locality. Always use the right type of paper and then problem occurring because for this reason were resolved.After it finishes scanning the computer system, it reports the findings for. It's here that Driver Robot makes recommendations regarding printer driver updates and so it always recommends the latest official drivers about your .