Annalise Rodriguez (acra46haa)

Star Projector - Our story started in an open field gazing up at the universe above. As we peered into the great beyond, something happened. Suddenly the founders of Elecstars were inspired with an idea that would change the lives of children and adults from around the world. It was at this moment that the Elecstars brand was born. As a brand, our purpose has always been to inspire creativity and imagination in the minds of consumers. By combining the modern miracle of circuitry, electronics and star maps, we created the perfect night light projector for your child’s room. Helping to instill a healthy imagination and passion for science has always been our goal since day one. We take pride in our ability to bring customers a premium quality product without the high price tag. By slashing the costly expenses of traditional sales channels, we are able to bring the best gift for kids that combines quality and affordability wrapped up into one phenomenal package.