The Whispering Road

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Published by:
Brent Newhall
Square / 8" x 8"
30 pages Perfect-bound
Game, roleplaying, role-playing, rpg, storytelling, tabletop

“Beautiful, smooth and challenging. It's ambitious and magical, with a sprinkle of moondust in its hair.” – Nathan Bredfeldt (DrNate)

The Whispering Road is a storytelling game of cooperation and exploration, inspired by the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

The game uses six- and eight-sided dice to tell a Hero's Journey about people who are spirited away to a strange world, find allies and face antagonists, and at the end, may (or may not) return home. The rules explicitly reward cooperation and selflessness.

Your character is made of an archetype (Ordinary Hero, Special One, Mentor, or Rascal), a strong need that's regularly thwarted by another character, and a set of character traits.

The story is laid out in a series of acts along the lines of the Hero's Journey: the characters travel to a new world (actual or metaphorical), face antagonists, gain allies, and at the end, determine if they are able to go home.

The Whispering Road

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