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Top 12 Reasons: Why E-Smoke ?

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#1. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, or carcinogens unlike the thousands that are normally found in traditional cigarettes. Normal cigarettes have in excess of 4000 harmful poisons. These are poisons that you will not find in electronic cigarettes. A great reason to buy electronic cigarettes!

#2. No more having to worry about second hand smoke that could bother the non smokers that may be around you when you are smoking. Not only are electronic cigarettes healthier for you, they also give off zero second hand smoke. Meaning you can't harm the ones you love around you.

#3. No lighter needed! Electronic cigarettes are non-flammable. You will no longer need to search for that pesky lighter or book of matches. One less thing you need to carry around!

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The #1 Electronic Cigarettes Shop: Top 12 Reasons: Why E-Smoke ?

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