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Oh! How Amazing the Awareness of Dada! (Eng. Dadavani September-2019)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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30 pages Perfect-bound
awareness, dada, faults pratikraman, Gnani, gnani purush, gross mistake, knowledge of the self, mistake, Param Pujya Dadashri, purushaarth, self, subtle mistake, subtler and subtlest mistakes

Param Pujya Dadashri used to say that after attaining Knowledge of the Self (Gnan) in 1958, ‘we’ started Seeing the faults of the past. ‘We’ could See about three thousand faults every day. After doing pratikraman for four years for all the faults, He reached the state of the Gnani. The Gnani Purush does not have a single gross or subtle mistake! He only has subtler and subtlest mistakes. He does not miss out on staying in His own state as the Self, and He discloses and cleans off the incidences in His life in which mistakes were made in worldly interaction while in the state of ignorance. Here, the elevated level of Dadashri’s internal state has been revealed in His own words. The ardent prayer is that now after knowing the jagruti of this Dada, mahatmas recognize their faults for their own Purusharth (progress as the Self), and they attain the subtler and subtlest level of understanding of how to use the ‘weapon’ of pratikraman, and begin Purusharth in that direction.

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Dadavani Magazine: Oh! How Amazing the Awareness of Dada! (Eng. Dadavani...

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