FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family {Season 1}:

FBX: The FALLEN by Xodus Novels Magazine #2

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TheFallenByXodus Magazine
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
126 pages Perfect-bound
Literature & Writing
bondage, boudior, erotica, Eva Leverett, Myke Robb, Niko Smith, Royal Reese, Sik Adjei, Steffortless, Tanya R Photography, Veena Kenoah

👄"I remember when I at one time desired a man to be more of a dominant than a romancer, and the devil heard my secret subconscious cry; because my second ex's style was exactly that. He became the first man to ever be dominant towards me sexually. Whenever I would start to fight him off, he would actually wrestle me down and physically overpower me. The arousal was so strong that at times it was almost counterproductive when trying to resist his advances. No matter how hard I’d fight him he’d always manage to powerfully pin my wrists together above my head with just one hand or even worse bind my wrists tightly together to his bed's headboard as he'd slide his other hand inside my panties to rub, twist, and massage my clit while stroking me with his finger at the same time. The ecstasy he would create always threatened to drive me to the edge of submission. For a young woman striving to remain a virgin, I played very dangerously with this man."👄 - FALLEN: Reign of The Shinab Family {Part 2}©

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