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Elimination of conflict is the prime component of liberation (English Dadavani June-2009)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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conflict, Klesh, liberation, Mukti

Absence of wandering of the chit is the religion of all religions. If you attain this state, the cycle of transmigration into life after life will come to an end. There is liberation when the mind becomes free of all conflicts.Liberation is through real religion. When the life becomes conflict-free then one comes closer to moksha. How can one become conflict-free? The Gnani Purush burns the seed of conflict in the fire of knowledge; thereafter conflict does not arise. Circumstance is one evidentiary instrument for arising conflict in the life. But because of one’s own wrong belief, believing the other as the doer, by seeing others as faulty, by not getting the results as per one’s wish, the internal state changes because of ego, and because of all these, conflicts arise. All the energies of a human being get veiled due to this ego only. If the ego remains within ‘normality,’ there would not be any conflicts in the worldly life.

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