Mark A. Randall Creative Artist:

Kelly Little Green Men

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Published by:
Mark Randall
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
aliens, America, Coverup, cryptids, folklore, Goblins, government, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, mysterious, rural, ufos

August 21, 1955. Kelly, Kentucky.

Eleven people inside the Sutton farmhouse endure an incredible ordeal after a glowing disc-shaped object is seen streaking across the sky and landing nearby. Two of the adults, Lucky Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor, go out to investigate and are shocked to see small figures with yellow glowing eyes, huge ears and long arms floating across the ground toward them. After racing back inside the house, the men spend the next four hours fending off the creatures. When the dust finally settles, the creatures are mysteriously gone. For all involved, however, the memories of that night are forever.

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Mark A. Randall Creative Artist: Kelly Little Green Men

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