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Food + Sex is a collage art food magazine exploring how desire shapes what we grow, make and eat. By weaving erotic, shocking and thoughtful layers of beauty, wildness and the human spirit, we peer into the fire of hope and fear to find the hidden, seek the cosmic and reflect on the elemental connectedness in life that opens us to new ways of being. Included in its pages are a visual patchwork of uncommon art, essays and excerpts by thinkers, makers and doers of do-it-yourself food culture.

Publications in Food + Sex

1 publication

  • Food + Sex: Preview Issue

    We are All Hopeful Farmers


    From Putrefaction to Perfection

    Bees are Forever

    Incorporating the Wild

    Human-Incubated Yogurt

    How the Food Industry…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $10.00

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