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Strange Beauty is a unique magazine dedicated to beauty, fashion, art, and culture in general. That’s right. We’re neither mainstream nor alternative. I guess you could call us an alternative to alternative. We feature creatives of all types from all over the world: Photographers, artists (traditional, digital, artisan), fashion and costume designers, make-up artists, hair stylists, models, actors, musicians, film and television producers, and world changing innovators. Some issues will have themes while many will be open to accept any genres you can imagine.

WHAT MAKES US STAND OUT Unlike most independent-esk magazines out there right now, we only publish fresh content. All photos, artwork, and editorials are made to order by either the SB team or the creatives we are featuring in that particular issue. Older content is accepted very rarely and only when a significant amount of new content is included as well. Another factor is how we credit creative teams. We will not accept content unless the entire creative team is credited. If the submission is a one-person project, we encourage you to give yourself the multi-talent credit you deserve. One credit that may stand alone is wardrobe. Even if you purchase your outfit at a store, we want to know. Credit the brand, not the store name. If they are one and the same, say so. If the outfit is vintage and has no brand, say so. If you claim it’s vintage because you’re too lazy to look at the tag, we’ll find out and your submission will be rejected.

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