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Signature J is an e-magazine featuring the arts, entertainment, and lifestyle content. It is our mission to bridge the very best of the past with the exciting new flare of the future. This magazine will push the limit in terms of positive stories about unsung heroes/sheroes that deserve the spotlight. Look to us for an endless supply of stories about up-and-coming artists and creative dynamos that reveal a clear vision to the future like a thousand points of light.

Signature J will lead the revolution in the rebirth of a cool and swift return to the foundation of a classic, structured lifestyle accentuating fashion, class, etiquette, and civic awareness. Our focus will also be on enlightening our readers in the areas of business, personal development, and health, among some of the many topics that will be featured.

We are diligent in our commitment to provide the highest quality information. Signature J is your final stop for content at the highest level, (and as the proverbial saying goes) and the quality will go in before the name goes on.

Janet Cruz CEO, Publisher & Founder

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