Rodger Benedict (rodgerbenedict)

Gender studies also aim to explain the differences within a certain gender – between women themselves, between men and give them a holistic comparative characteristic depending on the situation – their class, race, nationality, family status, place of residence, age, religion, etc., that is, provide a comparative analysis of the entire social life of people from the standpoint of their sex. In General, the extension the substantive scope of gender studies will require the establishment of new critical discourses. Gender studies also have a significant practical dimension. For the application of gender theory in favour of change, of transformation in the position and status of both sexes, setting realistic the task of creating a gender equality society. Gender theorder as a science and academic discipline 19 RIA should also answer the questions of what transformations are necessary for the establishment of justice and humanism in the relations between a man and a woman. Modern society away need deconstructing assessments and well-established approaches to power and property, ideology and culture, the content of their functioning in terms of different "female” and "male " vision", their understanding of justice, humanism, equality, overcoming the priority of the male position. Expanding the circle of supporters gender transformation is becoming a characteristic feature of modernity