Sensei Rivera (RiveraKaicho)

開帳 Kaichō Founder and Chief Instructor of Genjōkōan Karate Organization© 現成公案 空手 協会 founded in 2010. As a Karateka, I possess over twenty-years Karatedo experience, starting in 1982 at the 極真会館 空手 Kyokushin Kaikan Honbu Dōjō, and have 12 consecutive years in teaching. The style is a mixture of Kyokushin Kaikan, World Oyama, Western Boxing, and Buddhism.

Full-Contact Traditional Japanese Karate

Genjōkōan coined by Dōgen Zenji, means "Actualization of reality; i.e., the word genjōkōan refers to the unity of practice, realization, and true reality manifesting as the present moment; it is also the title of the first chapter of Dōgen‘s literary work Shōbōgenzō that presents precisely and concretely Dōgen's basic philosophy that one should approach every activity as bodhisattva (awakened being) practice.

Hence, Genjōkōan Karate, which emphasizes one’s perception of reality to be Zen (in the moment); known as one’s Original Face or True Nature. This realization assists one in any endeavor, e.g., in life or marital arts. When one is calm/balanced or in the Middle Way, one can react innately to a situation without one’s ego intruding.

Therefore, the foundation or essence of this style is to cultivate oneself in the Zen/Buddhist’s Ways and transcend that into a becoming a Martial Artist or Practitioner of the Way.

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