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PRYSM is a luxury alt. magazine that encompasses everything edgy, dark, beautiful and unapologetic. We feature bands/artists, actors/actresses, film directors, photographers and artists, couture and avant-garde designers, beauty/health, fashion and human interest features from not only the US, but all around the world. We have set out to change the face and view of the alternative culture and subculture (industrial, goth, rock, punk, etc.) and bring it into the forefront of the world of high fashion and the arts. PRYSM is a publication for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and creed. This culture does not know color, it is for anyone and everyone who breathes the alternative culture/lifestyle - and no one should be told or feel otherwise. Often at times (we) are misunderstood and it is our objective to shed a new light on the alternative world not only to those that are part of this culture, but for those who want to know more. The alternative culture is alive and booming not just in the states, but everywhere. It is a lifestyle.

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