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Historically gemstones are as old as humanity. As costume jewelry of civilizations discovered different stones and treated them they happened called gems. Appearing countless years ago in kind of rock formations, buried as unidentified treasures beneath the earth, gems are genuinely interesting. Out of the almost 2000 minerals discovered, about 100 of them have achieved a place in the gem kingdom. Of these 100, there are 16 gemstones that have a huge market in today's precious jewelry market. Leading the list obviously are diamonds, topaz, elaborate, zircon, tourmaline, opal, jade, garnet, lazurite, feldspar, beryl, chyrsoberyl, spinel, corundum, quartz and olivine. With many myths surrounding them, some are understood as 'tears of heaven' or 'supernatural drops of blood'.

Depending on the gems one can choose on the way it has to be used. Eventually it is the treatment that decides the value of the gems. Gemstones like diamonds, emerald, blue topaz and aquamarine have actually to undergone irradiation to get rid of flaws.

While buying gems jewelry, try to find best qualities and ask the jewelry the best concerns. Ideally buying the genuine stones are much better than phony ones. If there are cracks in the gemstone, beads are darker. The bead must not be colored to alter the color plan. A 16 inch hair must not be 14 or 15 inch less. Broken or cracked beads can tear the necklace. As far as possible all beds must be of the same shape. Great color and excellent holes are likewise important part of the monitoring procedure prior to purchasing.