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Publisher of Owner and editor of Movie Review magazine. Author of A Book of A Magus1: Generic Bad Magic; A Piece Introduction. Patricia Irish Playing Cards mageus decks series.

Future publishing: varied magazines of cosmetology and barbering related to techniques and health of professional and student to consumer and product, magazines about dance and music, magazines about men and strippers of female or male and varied nightclubs, a comic book series, a game series, subject oriented magazines of related to politics and varied species, of most in content to be opinion. The order of publishing is not specified to priority of to appear of published.

For article submission information of open submissions or advertising information for an ad of a written article ad, a writer seeking to publish in print a article or a advertisement, or any product advertisement inquiries and related to an advertisement's approval to appear in a magazine please contact the email on my website at:

The following social network listed links are for current interaction and opinion placing, of random comments and other varied activities. They aren't always actively filled with a comment, posting, or activity. Please slap a comment in anytime there.

Other websites are linked to the website of Please only use the related to anything about submissions to a publication with Patricia Irish. Please do not email related magazine or publication questions to any other email address listed for basic inquiries except,

If you will be submitting to a Patricia Irish publication, it will be through

Payment for advertisements, postings of photos as a photo article, written article advertisements, article submission, and advertisements in photo, .jpg, or .gif will be available on the website if not using a advertising source market or news service website for article postings. You'll find the website page, you'll click the right payment button, you'll submit the article(s) or photos through the submit email address with capital letters on the subject line of the email of PHOTOS, PHOTO ARTICLE, WRITTEN ARTICLE ADVERTISEMENT, ARTICLE SUBMISSION, and ADVERTISEMENT. Basically, that's going to be it. Don't send photos or articles for posting or print to a social network page url for it, even if I will publish comments if I feel like it. Advertisements to be posted on the website will also have a separate payment button and you will send the subject line with capital letters of WEBSITE ADVERTISEMENT.

You will receive a return email if it is accepted. If accepted your return email will state the publication issue your submission is in or when your website advertisement is on the website(s).

Thanks for reading this. I'm not interested in starting a bio, currently that's what I'm interested in.

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