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Christian Deon Sanders was born on July 25, 1996 in Greensboro, North Carolina, to the parents of Corey Sanders Sr. and Theressa Sanders. He is the youngest of three children and was raised by a Christian mother who, in spite of all that his family had endured, kept them in church while also modeling a faithful relationship with God. Christian is currently a member of Destiny Christian Center in Victorville, California with Drs. Jesse and Halene Giddens as his pastors. Four years ago, he believes the Holy Spirit has placed a mandate on his life for ministry. He is at the beginning of this promising journey. Now being fifteen years of age, Christian is following the recent call of the Lord to start NGC Magazine, which is geared towards attracting teens not only to the church, but to their own personal relationship with God. The New Generation of Christianity staff, or the NGC Crew, has now made the devotion to prepare teens to G.R.O.W. in their Christian walk with God, by seeking God for themselves and sharing their knowledge with people their age. Christian is now boldly and faithfully declaring that this is the "new thing" that will get teens excited about the Word and the Lord's will.

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  • NGC Magazine: Volume 2 Issue 1

    FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real! This issue will help teenagers wage war against and abolish one of the most common demises of the human race.…

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  • NGC Magazine: Volume 1 Issue 6

    This issue is about “attitude’s effect on life”. Your attitude always determines your altitude. Our goal for this issue is to help teens channel…

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  • NGC Magazine: Volume 1 Issue 5

    This issue is about aiming high. Many people’s goals seem impossible to achieve because they do not aim as high as they should. This issue will…

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  • NGC Magazine: Volume 1 Issue 4

    This issue is about teen confidence. God desires to raise confident, Godly people. You never start your life off being unconfident, because all you…

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