Art Contest Magazine (Laniercreations)

Someone is always pushing the bar and coming up with something artistically innovative. We all love to see new creative things and Art Contest Magazine is here to showcase them!

Art Contest Magazine was created by Alex Lanier. As an artist himself, he had a vision of creating a global art contest network where artists of all kinds can compete, network, and discover.

There is such a huge importance in keeping the Art competition alive and available for all artist regardless of medium. During our art contests you will see artistic innovation at its best. The competitive sprit of an artist is what makes Art Contest Magazine such a special and inspiring artist network to join. Imaginations run wild in here!

ACM is FREE to join and open to all artists, art galleries, art lovers, art studios and creatives that just want to be inspired! Network with other artist from all over the world. Setup your own profile page to fit your needs. Upload your videos and artwork. Create your own groups, blogs and forums. You can even chat live with other artist in this network. Inspire to be inspired!