Shore Waller (LammFaircloth9)

Take the bread ties and thread them through the fan's screw holes, and place the fan inside the top of the goggles. Make sure that the goggle fan blowing direction is pointing inward, as this produces better results. Pull the bread ties through the holes in the top of your goggles until you can grab both sides, and then tighten them down. Be sure not to over tie, as bread ties will break easily under stress. Continue this process with the rest of the components of the goggle fan system until they are all secure to the goggles. The switch should have at least 2 ties on it to prevent if from moving while you are turning the switch on, since it will often be done one handed, with all of the pressure being placed on the bread ties to hold it in place.

Now, you have a choice here. The replacement lamp costs about ten dollars. If you're feeling flush and haven't replaced either headlamp before, buy TWO of them and do them both at the same time. Think about it: both lamps have been burning for exactly the same amount of time. If one lamp went, the other will soon. If you don't have the extra ten dollars right now, just buy the one and we'll cross the other headlamp bridge when we get to it.

It should be noted that when this company was run by an independent you could enter "Foster auto parts" and get a smile from the counter staff. They would give you the part you ordered the first time around and were able to give you specific information to answer your questions.

advance auto (AAP), Comverge (COMV), DISH Network (DISH), Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS), Jack Henry (JKHY), National Instruments (NATI),Novatel Wireless (NVTL),PNM Resources (PNM) and Stellent (STEL).

DaimlerChrysler shares increased by $5.33 or 8.3 percent to a total of $69.78. No further details could be given said Zetsche who spent five years running the Chrysler Group before becoming DaimlerChrysler's chief last year. In July, during the launch of his "Dr. Z" ads Zetsche said that the two companies should not have merged in 1998. "The merger is not an issue going forward anymore," he added.

In many cases, the chip can be repaired. There are DIY repair kits out there that allow you to repair your own windshield. I have personally used one such kit made by Permatex. The cost is under $ 12.00, and all you have to do is follow the detailed instructions exactly, and in 20 minutes or so your windshield will be good as new. The kits can be purchased at just about any auto parts store .

Yahoo (YHOO) seems to be frantically looking for partnerships. Possibly, they are confused about selecting the suitable match. Now reportedly they are again talking to AOL (TWX). Their shareholders should be ruing the way they rejected the Microsoft (MSFT) offer when the share price was at $40 and decided that they are worth more than MSFT! Good techies need not be good analysts.

Antifreeze changes. You only need to change your antifreeze when a hydrometer suggests your car will no longer withstand temperatures 30 degrees below the coldest your region sees in the winter. Most dealers and mechanic shops are willing to check this for free. You really only need to replace your antifreeze every two years, but keep your cooling system lubricated by running the air conditioner every few weeks in winter.

You should also check the turn signals of your vehicle. Make sure that they work just right. Check the signals if they respond to your directions. Also do check both front and rear signals as well as check the lenses if there are signs of damage or aging.