Karen Klein (karenklein)

Karen Klein is a photographer/visual artist currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She holds an MFA degree in studio arts from the University of Minnesota, where, in 1987, she undertook the photography project that would more than two decades later lead to Broken Circle—Children of Divorce & Separation.

After working in the corporate environment until 2007, Klein returned to her art full time. Over the years, she evolved her signature approach: long-term projects exploring personal issues of universal import, often including collaboration. In these she may use film and/or digital, color and/or black and white, and varied stylistic approaches - from the portraiture of Broken Circle—Children of Divorce, to the complex, multi-layered collage of In Focus, Out of Memory and Random Works, all long-term projects underway. Klein’s photography invites the viewer in artistically as well as thematically, often alluding to social concerns. See karenklein.com

Karen Klein’s photographs are in many private and public collections, and most recently have been acquired by the University of Minnesota’s Boynton Health Center.

For more information regarding acquisition or exhibition opportunities, or to become a participant please email: karen@karenklein.com

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