Gwandine Black Western Cowgirl Cowgirl (gwandine)

Throughout her years as a historical researcher and author, Gwandine found a niche for writing inspirational historical stories depicting Black cowboys and cowgirls of the Old West commonly referred to as The Black West. She also writes Black cowboy poetry. Her former professors complimented her creative writing skills. Her passion and persistence in creative writing and classical literature stems from childhood when she preferred to write stories as opposed to playing. Although her stories and characters are fictional, African-American cowboys have existed since the dawn of the cowboy era as well as the historical accounts of the vital role that African-American Buffalo Soldiers played in the settlement of the southwest. She is the creator of the African-American cowboy and cowgirl graphic novel titled The Black West. After her initial shock upon learning that African-American cowboys and cowgirls existed historically, she became enthusiastic concerning writing Black western stories. It all began with Gwandine desiring to become traditionally published. Although she desired to write historical novels, her initial thoughts were that if she wrote about African-Americans historically, she would have to write about slavery. After conducting extensive research, she learned that African-Americans made numerous historical achievements and that over fifty all-Black western towns existed historically after the emancipation and some still exist. Although she enjoys watching old westerns, they lack the significant presence of African-American cowboys and cowgirls. Her goal is to produce western movies depicting Black cowboys and cowgirls.

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