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Since 2009, we have dedicated ourselves to photographing the Hummingbirds of Costa Rica. Hummingbirds have unusual qualities which make them unique photography subjects. Because their wings can beat up to 90 beats per second, camera shutters are not fast enough to capture their beauty. The human naked eye sees only a tiny flying blur. Our team became intrigued by the possibility of showing, with the proper equipment, facets of these little creatures that are not easily depicted otherwise. We have developed a system of multiple, low powered strobes which enable us to freeze the action of their wings and show intriguing detail.

Our outdoor studio lights a small area using 8 to 10 strobes. For every 2,000 shots, we expect to have just one image that is considered worthy of further work. This image is then carefully developed into a finished artwork that reflects our vision of the hidden life of these iridescent creatures. For more images go to our web site

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