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27 December 2009 - Frogs usually dine on insects, but last week in Mackay, North Queensland, a green frog sat down to a meal of brown tree snake while other frogs looked on. It rocks ! that such a small creature can fit a whole snake into its belly, let alone digest it.

For others, a modern or funky affair is the order for the day. Christmas tree displays can still take pride of place but rather than the usual green tree, why not try a stunning black pine for dramatic effect as well as a contemporary Christmas tree. Enhance your funky designs the Christmas tree arch as well as cedar spiral as finishing touches.

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This weird creature event took spot in a Mackay retirement village garden where youngster Brendan Healy saw the dinner-time show while visiting his grandparents. Ian Hamilton was quick i'm able to camera and snapped the big event.

Take regular green gum drops and roll them out flat with a rolling personal identification number. Then take a knife and cut away pieces to form a holly leaf pattern. Now attach the leaf to the cookie a new small volume white sugar. You will want to put at least two leaves per cookie to obtain a good reply. Now take round cinnamon red hot candies and fix two or three next to the leaves using icing to hold them guaranteed. You can occur on round cookies or snowmen for almost any neck decoration; you may also do several on a tree biscuit.

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