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“Imagine a world where you are surrounded by great beauty, joy and deliciousness – this is some of what awaits you in the world of EAT LOVE SAVOR! At EAT LOVE SAVOR, the magazine with the intriguing name, welcomes you to Timeless Luxury; simple through grand, all the Goodness that life has to offer, and the Art of Luxury Education. EAT LOVE SAVOR is for sophisticated, global, affluent individuals with discerning tastes in Food, Culture, Art, Jewelry, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle. EAT LOVE SAVOR is not the typical luxury magazine — our readers refer to us an ‘Oasis of Luxury’; a place they come to escape and enjoy; a trusted source for luxury goods, services and Experiences around the World! ** Selected "Best Sites for Luxury" 2013.

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