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EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is the high end magazine for the discerning individual who seeks out a life filled with elegance, beauty and meaning, who chooses to live life beyond the ordinary.

We believe that luxury is a state of mind and approach to living. We bring you the gentler side of true luxury, focused on connoisseurship, appreciation and the ‘Art of Living’. Reading our magazines is a totally immersive luxury experience, an oasis from page to page, devoid of interruption, free of focus on consumerism that enchants and welcomes you with great articles, gorgeous imagery with a positive and uplifting tone.

Rather than taking the usual approach, our magazines are created with the desire to be more inspiring, informational, enchanting. Each one is free of advertising, a timeless immersive luxury experience with content relevant years after publication.

RETAIL ORDERING ON MAGCLOUD A la Carte Ordering. There is no minimum or maximum when ordering. Whenever you buy 10 or more print copies receive a discount off the printing costs.


COMMERCIAL ORDERING INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION For hotels and airline distribution, contact: Gabrielle Sarmiento VP Sales & Marketing T +1 646 512 5131 E NEWS INFLIGHT, Inc. New York NY 10036 USA part of MELO Group

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