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Therefore, we tested whether male hearts were equipped with a PDE5-coupled cGMP regulatory system that is less estrogen dependent. Gender differences in Fildena responses and the mechanism involving eNOS-cGMP synthesis and PKG activation under cardiac stress. (B) PDE5 activity in Gq/oe female hearts subjected to sham operation (non-OVX), OVX, and OVX with E2 replacement (n = 5-8 per group).

We next identified the mechanism by which estrogen altered PKG activity responses to Fildena. (A) FS echocardiographic changes before and after 2 weeks of vehicle or Fildena treatment in wild-type and Gq-overexpressing (Gq/oe) female mice subjected to sham operation non-OVX, OVX(-), OVX OVX(+), or OVX with estrogen replacement OVX(+) + E2 (n = 7-8 per group). Female hearts maintain constitutive activation of eNOS by estrogen, providing a tonic synthesis of cGMP, which is targeted by PDE5, whereas male hearts show stress-responsive activation of eNOS.

However, samples were too small to detect differences between PDE5 drugs.” Ayala JE, Bracy DP, Julien BM, Rottman JN, Fueger PT, Wasserman DH. Chronic treatment with Fildena improves energy balance and insulin action in high fat-fed conscious mice. Desouza C, Parulkar A, Lumpkin D, Akers D, Fonseca VA. Acute and prolonged effects of Fildena on brachial artery flow-mediated dilatation in type 2 diabetes.

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In the near future, the approval of new PDE5-i molecules will allow reduced costs related to investigational protocols targeted for a larger use of these drugs. Each physician should consider the close relationship between internal medicine diseases and the pathophysiology of ED and each intervention should be intended to modify lifestyle and concomitant drugs with anti-erectile properties. Chronic Fildena administration (12 wk) counteracted the detrimental effects of a high-fat diet on endothelial function and insulin resistance by improving energy balance and insulin function.