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Debra Purcell-Regis spent many years teaching English and American literature at the high school level. She taught at several high schools near her hometown of Old Brookville, New York. She says that she never grew tired of leading classroom discussions on some of the world's great literature, and felt privileged to be able to influence so many young minds. She is currently working part-time as the Volunteer Coordinator at a community center near her home.

Debra Purcell-Regis retired in 2014 after twenty-five years of teaching English and American literature at various high schools in and around Old Brookville, New York. After retiring as a teacher, her son introduced her to fantasy sports and she quickly became a proficient player. She picked up on the skills and now participates in daily leagues and season-long leagues. She has also started sharing her newly acquired skills and strategies for fantasy sports with other players.

Debra Purcell-Regis is a retired school teacher who taught in a number of school districts over the course of her career, the majority of which was spent in New York. She developed an aptitude for getting through to even the most stubborn of students, allowing her to unlock their potential and hopefully help them move onto bigger and better things once their studies had concluded. She taught History and Literature and never tired of discussing classic novels with her classes.

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