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Hello to all lovers of the arts,, music and everything that is beautiful. My name is Gabriele Livingston. For the last few years I have spent a lot of time browsing pages of my artist friends here on facebook,, many are contacts from the Myspace days. I am a graphic designer and artist. I studied advertising and Design at Trident Technical Colege in Charleston South Carolina. My art is my salvation. I draw and paint portraits and taking tours through pages of new artwork is a great inspiration for me. There are many well known incredibly skilled master painters out there who have already earned recognition for their work ,, rightfully so,, but there are also numerous wonderful and talented new artists who made me stop and look again,, who are diamonds in the rough waiting to shine,, I started to create magazine about the arts and leisure mostly to introduce new artists from different places of the world,, and infuse a few of my poetry and writings in it too,,It is designed to be inspiration for the eyes and the mind,, I am proud of my very first published magazine,, I am only at the very beginning of this venture but it is satisfying to see others happy and proud to view their work displayed and to bring people and artists from every place of the world together in this forum to express themselves in their art. Music and art speaks every language,, soo.. i want to start collecting new stuff ,, come across something that has a new vision,, a new edge and find out what is the current trend art collectors would look for and then the sky is the limit i want to collect work from starving artists that dont aready have everything out in galleries. If you are creative and have something to say,, please feel free to post your best work here and let me know if you want to become part of this exiting new network of creative minds. This can be a transit subway of passengers from all places arriving and departing and leaving a mark, follow me,, the destination is the fascinating world of Art .. Greetings and love to you all,, sincerely Gabriele Livingston

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