ashley jeter (cococovalle)

Ashley Jeter is a 22 year old up and coming fashion designer, she's been designing clothes since the day her mother gave her, her first sewing machine at the age of 7. and ever since then it's been non- stop for Ashley and her passion for fashion. she went from sewing up torn teddy bears to designing clothes for her baby dolls. After that she progress to recycling her old clothes and redesigning them into outfits, to drawing on jeans. she's also would cut up old jeans and make bags out of them and drew designs on them. Ashley later took up a couple of courses at La trade tech college and use what she learned along with her skills she already had. Ashley came up with a brand call "CoCo Covalle`" last year and it was inspired by her French background and her favorite designer Chanel. CoCo Covalle` is edgy but sophisticated, her late grandmother style inspired her as well with the beautiful pearls she use to wear and the pretty suits and hats she would wear to church. Ashley line consist of many different type of pieces, her line is very versatile and you could never get bored with CoCo Covalle`. Ashley is currently working on pieces for her fall 2010 line which consist of a lot of loungewear pieces, she decided this is her first collection presented to the world why not be able to reach any age, size, gender and race. by designing a collection that anyone can wear. She's created sweatshirts,T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, anything that screams comfort, she wanted her customers to be able to look stylist but also feel comfortable. Ashley will also be coming out with a collection for spring 2011, it will be inspired by the 1950s mixed with the 1980s very vintage and classy with a twist of be looking out for Ashley's Jeter Line "COCO Covalle`" because she going to be "blowing up" it's only a matter of patience, hard work and faith and support that's going to get CoCo Covalle` brand to where it needs to be this is only the beginning. In the near future Ashley wants to be able to have work shops for young girls about self esteem and loving yourself and god and instilling in them that whatever you want to do it is possible with a lot of hard work,patience and faith in god. she also want to start a non-profit organization for the deaf children, Ashley has also taking up ASL classes at La Trade Tech. And in her free time do sign language/mining/ballet dances at her church. her dream growing up was not only to design clothes but was to help people. And she also wants start a charity for children with illnesses to help them get all the help they need especially the children with cancer, Ashley lost her grandmother in 2008 to cancer of the stomach so she really want to try and help these kids beat this thing. So Ashley has a lot of work to do you can look her up on Facebook,twitter, and myspace and coming soon other blog pages under coco covalle or Ashley Jeter.