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~His Heart Scribe~ Inspirations is a bi-monthly [January, March, May, July, September, November] devotional encouragement and edification magazine.

We showcase people, writings and ministries that God is using in a very powerful way. We also serve as a publishing outlet for the unknown 'yet to be discovered' writer at heart! We strive for excellence and also quality.

We honor those that God has given the ability to truly capture "His Heart Whispers" and we embrace the divine revelations given in deep intimate time spent in prayer . We treasure each of our contributors and we celebrate their gifts to the world!

NEWS~ ON OUR July - August 2014 Cover

Featuring: Prophetic Artist Jewell Jeffery!

We are thrilled to get to share with Jewell this month! This has truly been a wonderful experience! She says so poignantly:

Live~Love~Laugh!!! Hi I'm Jewell and now I'll speak in third person and that's the last time I'm following all the rules! Her muse is constantly challenging her to thrive, dig deeper for better verbiage and find the hidden songs lying deep in her own soul that which thrives on the notion that you, the reader, will also hear her music and remember the song long after she is gone. Her focus changes as fast as her wondering mind, yet her heart is always the same. Her longings will manifest in romantic writes and her desire to know God intimately will shine through the lines of her spiritual works. She hopes you are inspired, intrigued, and even nudged to find a deeper love after reading her verbal, heart cries.

We pray you enjoy her messages, poetry and artwork throughout our July-August issue! Also, please remember to hit expand so the viewer will become full screen!

Love in Christ, Cj

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