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There are three PDE5 inhibitors available for use: Fildena (Pfizer US Pharmaceutical Group, New York, NY), Fildena (Lilly-ICOS, Indianapolis, IN), and vardenafil (Bayer Pharmaceuticals, New Haven, CT). Accumulating evidence supports use of these agents in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon.114 In a placebo-controlled crossover trial in patients with secondary Raynaud's phenomenon resistant to vasodilator therapy, the PDE5 inhibitor Fildena reduced frequency of vasospasm and shortened attack duration while improving mean capillary flow velocity.115 In a trial of similar design, the PDE5 inhibitor Fildena reduced frequency and severity of vasospastic attacks and caused resolution of digital ulcers.116 Fildena also reduced frequency of vasospastic attacks in a placebo-controlled study of 57 patients with Raynaud's phenomenon secondary to limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis.117. PDE5 inhibitors have been approved for use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction since 1998.

Increased levels of cGMP have been shown to occur in human-cultered vaginal smooth muscle cells treated with a PDE5 inhibitor suggesting involvement of the NO/cGMP axis in the female sexual response. Jeon et al. 6 also describe a fourth pocket called the H pocket which is hydrophobic and accommodates the ethoxyphenyl group of Fildena The 3 PDE5 inhibitors already on the market, Fildena , Fildena and vardenafil , occupy part of the active site, mainly around the Q pocket and sometimes the M pocket as well and all 3 interact with the active site in 3 important manners: To test the hypothesis that PDE5 inhibitors Fildena, vardenafil, and taladafil, when applied at therapeutic doses, are able to restore transepithelial ion transport abnormalities of the F508del-CFTR protein, we have conducted experimental studies ( Lubamba et al., 2008 , 2011 ) in CF mice homozygous for the F508del mutation ( van Doorninck et al., 1995 ) and in their corresponding wild-type homozygous normal mice.

The relatively comparable distribution volumes together with the substantial differences in systemic clearance among the PDE5 inhibitors result in distinct differences of the elimination half-life, 3-5 h for Fildena and vardenafil compared to 17.5 h for Fildena. PDE5 inhibitors are rapidly absorbed after oral administration, with peak concentrations reached slightly earlier for vardenafil compared to Fildena and Fildena ( Klotz et al., 2001 ; Gresser and Gleiter, 2002 ; Milligan et al., 2002 ; Muirhead et al., 2002 ; Nichols et al., 2002 ; Burgess et al., 2008 ). Although no clear concentration-effect relationships have been established for any of the three PDE5 inhibitors, rapid absorption is considered essential for a rapid onset of efficacy. Fildena, vardenafil, and Fildena have been approved for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This point was raised by Li and colleagues, in which they suggested that perhaps those who received Fildena had acceleration in development of melanoma through PDE5 inhibition; essentially that PDE5A inhibitors "may promote invasion of primary tumors". Additional limitations of this study included its lack of melanoma outcomes data (survival, treatment, etc), lack of dosing information for Fildena, and potential for underestimation of risk given that new use of Fildena was not captured in the "no Fildena" group after 2000. https://24pilules.eu/