Bahu Subahu (bahubaliji)

I would love to thanks Magcloud for giving me such awesome platform for sharing my views.

Now i want to put aside all the references and want to tell you something cool. First all let me tell you that i am a well known tattoo artist. My name is Anthony Gonsalves and i live alone in California, United States.

I am a tattoo artist by profession and i have my own tattoo studio in the California Bay.

I started my career back in 2010 when i was in my mid 20s. Ever since then i have developed my art a lot. At first I was unable to ink tough tattoo design like mandala and aztec. You might laugh but i was only able to ink really simple cross tattoos and lotus mandala tattoo. However i improved my art as i followed several popular tattoo artist inline.

Kat von d is my favorite tattoo artist and her interview given to Inkedmag is what inspired me to keep following my passion and never give up. I was about to go out of league in 2012 but then i stayed and held stronger.

Then i inked my first portrait. it was of Gerard Butler (from 300 movie). You can understand how specific portrait i had to ink. i was nervous at first time but then i kept on inking and i was amazed to see the final result.

Now i run an online business where my clients book me online for tattoo session. You should check out my official site.