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If you 're looking for the most healthy fish to eat, you should know that there are three kinds of fish that top the list. Among the most healthy fish to eat are tuna, salmon, and hoki. You may wondering what it is about these fish that makes them really healthy fish to eat. Let us take a closer look at each fish to find out what makes them good for no less than.

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Salmon species include rainbowhead trout, pink salmon, cherry salmon, and silver salmon among folks. Like tuna, it is full off omega-3 and vitamin D and is known as a good source of protein as well.

Trolling a 7kg fresh yellowfin tuna loin skipbait rigged with a 16/0 Duratin Cirle attach. The hook was rigged to sit 4 inches ahead on the tuna's nose and linked to waxed rigging thread. 9 feet of 400lb Ande leader, 19ft of wind on leader to a Melton bent butt & Penn International 80 STW.

yellowfin tuna wholesale price per pound though many fisherman go to Mazatlan Mexico to catch tuna, you can found just about all over the world. Bluefin tuna can be upon both sides of the US, coupled with the Mediterranean. Bluefin tuna are caught there are many coast of Africa and well as Newfoundland. In order to example on the Bluefin's territory a 35 pound bluefin was caught off the coast in Mazatlan and five years later caught again 6000 miles away in The japanese! This fish weighed in at over 240 pounds when caught the second time.

We always fish using equipment that complies using the IGFA Laws. When out trolling for marlin or yellowfin using heavy tackle, we use a 9 foot double powering a 19ft wind on main leader to the snap turning. The lure is rigged on a 6 - 9 foot terminal leader, depending through the lure overall size. Terminal leaders range from 200lb Ande for tuna bullets to 500lb Moimoi Marlin Ultra Hard for the big marlin lures. The majority of the tuna lures are rigged on 130 - 200lb leader. Try go as light and often. Yellowfin have excellent sight and will shy from a heavy leader.

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These requirements may differ slightly should you be fishing from November to April. It would be much better to call your boat provider for suggestions in that case.