Daniels Coyle (ArmstrongMcGrath97)

Usually, jade bracelets come cut as a strong bracelet or as a flexible bracelet with a number of areas of jade held by metal end caps and joints in between pieces. With your bracelet, including the spacer is an excellent concept but you will have to have two spacers, not one. Because the strong jade is not versatile, the bracelet will require to be cut on opposite sides so each half might be connected with a spacer. bangles online will need to discover somebody with a fine blade diamond saw to cut the jade. If a jeweler can not do this, the majority of will not have fine diamond rock saws, one recommendation is to get in touch with a regional rock and gem shop. People who do faceted stones or cut opal are most likely to have the diamond saw with a fine (thin) blade and may cut the bracelet for you. Spacers will take the form of "end caps" or shallow cups into which the jade is sealed. The spacers might be made with two opposing caps (shallow tubes) for joining the jade ends, with one spacer on each side of the bracelet. Some silver style needs to be in between each cap to permit the angle of the caps to match the angle of the jade ends for a tidy look and secure fit. The use of a single section of silver tube for each spacer is possible but that depends on the angle of the jade at the cut ends and accessibility of silver tube of big enough size. Yes, the task is definitely possible and not very challenging to do. The issue is getting the bracelet sawn in-two easily. After affordable bracelets , having the spacers made should not be a daunting job at all. If you desired, the spacers could be made one with a clasp and the other with a hinge, providing a bracelet which opens and near to be put on the arm. Joining the jade to the spacer cups (or tubes) will be cement created for such work. I suggest fine quality epoxy cement which remedies to a water clear color. One such cement is Hughes 330, created for joining gemstone product and metals. Other epoxy cements will work so long as the cement is used with care with little excess to reveal at the caps.