Linda Armantrout (armantrout)

Linda Armantrout received a B.A. in Studio Art at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her painting teachers were abstract expressionists who had studied at Black Mountain College. Her foundation in Art History came from John Sloane and William Alcott. Later, in Denver, she studied basic design and color theory with Edith Niblo, and then the ideas of 20th Century painting really fell into place. She has been evolving and sharing this material for over 20 years.

Painting for Linda is about gesture, color, and relationships within the frame. She uses the elements of art and principles of design to support idea and communication.

Linda taught at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design for nearly a decade. She has taught basic design for corporations, at Louisville Center for the Arts,Creative Framing Art Gallery, and in her Studio.

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  • The Art Process WorkBook or PlayBook

    Linda Armantrout's The Art Process WorkBook offers fun Lessons and Exercises that benefit beginning and advanced artists. This book is loaded with…

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