Sale Sheets and Pamphlets

MagCloud’s 8.5" x 11" Flyer product and 4-page Pamphlet are perfect for publishing sales sheets for your newly listed homes. The full color printing will allow you to include photos along with background information about the listing that can be offered up as a way to entice potential buyers. Since MagCloud allows for shorter print runs, you can order fewer copies initially and print more on-demand as they are needed, saving on storage and paper waste. Did the price drop on that property? No problem. It’s easy to update your PDF with the newest content and with delivery in as little as three days, you can order new print copies in time for your next open house.

Listing Catalogs

MagCloud’s magazine-like form-factor makes it ideal for publishing your own listing catalogs. Whether you create a pocket-sized Digest or a Standard-sized version, MagCloud’s Ship to Group feature makes it possible to easily mail copies of your publication to an address list of potential buyers with a single order. The added benefit of MagCloud’s digital distribution means you can also get your newest catalog in front of potential buyers across all formats, whether it’s in print, via our web-based viewer, or as a downloadable PDF. And if the price of a listing should change or photos need to be switched out, it’s as simple as uploading a new PDF file to immediately update both print and digital collateral.

Using MagCloud as a Sales Tool for Your Real Estate Business

In addition to using MagCloud to market their real estate business, a number of real estate agents have been using MagCloud as a sales tool. MagCloud's print on demand capabilities allow...

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