• Solutions For Business

    Solutions For Business

    MagCloud gives businesses the power to create interesting, engaging content that can be published in shareable print and digital versions. Create sale sheets for your next open house, a brochure of your latest product, a catalog for next Spring's fashions or a portfolio for upcoming client meetings.  MagCloud helps you put your best foot foward with big business professional quality full-color publications on a small business budget.

  • Solutions For Personal Use

    Solutions For Personal Use

    From weddings to bake sales, MagCloud publications add and element of fun, interest and DIY sizzle. Use our Square and Digest products to create wedding programs, personalized greeting cards or a travel planner for your upcoming trip.  Looking for something to do with your favorite instagram photos, arrange them into a custom Poster.  Or drum up some business for your child's bake sale or school event with a Flyer.  The possibilities are endless.

  • Solutions By Industry

    Solutions By Industry

    Whether you are looking to promote your photography portfolio to prospective clients, showcase your home listings for this weekend's open houses or looking for new ways to connect with students, MagCloud is your print and digital partner.  Offering a wide array of print product formats, binding types and shipping options, MagCloud means business and will help you communicate with your clientele, students and partners in style.

What is MagCloud?

MagCloud can help you publish and distribute your content -- magazines, brochures, catalogs, portfolios, photo books and more -- as professional-quality print products, digital PDF downloads, and via the MagCloud iPad application.

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