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MagCloud is the first self-publishing service to offer customers the choice to distribute a wide range of content as free or paid publications via professional quality print, our web-based viewer, or as a downloadable PDF. As with your print version, you set the price of your digital version.

You can offer electronic magazines, books, business materials etc. for free or for a price of $0.99 or more.  You even have the option to bundle a free digital version with any print purchase. Check out the pricing calculator below for more information.

Add Value with Hyperlinks

Digital publications support the use of hyperlinks for both images and text. This means you can link from your catalog of products back to an ecommerce site, or allow customers to draft emails to an address listed in your brochure just by clicking on it. You can also use hyperlinks to add value to your advertising space by allowing readers to click through to your advertisers’ websites. Hyperlinks are a great way to make the digital version of your publication more interactive for readers, help drive traffic from your publication to your website, or offer a feedback loop for advertisers.

Add Value with Hyperlinks
Digital Publisher Settings

Digital Publisher Settings

MagCloud allows you to upload a PDF once and make it available for sale or distribution in print or digitally via our MagCloud web-based viewer, or as a downloadable PDF.

After uploading your PDF and selecting your binding, you will have the option to Sell Online. This is where you will add any markup to your print version, and will have the option to opt-in to digital distribution. Opting-in to digital distribution is a one time setting that allows instantly gives readers digital access via the MagCloud Web Viewer and PDF download.

Digital publications can be free, free with print purchase, or paid. As a publisher you get to set the selling price for your digital publication at $0.99 or above, and will earn 70% of that price on all sales through

Calculate Digital Pricing

You can choose to make your digital publications available for free, for free with print purchase, or for a price ($0.99 or above).

When you set a price for your digital publication, you will earn 70% of that price on all sales through

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    You make $ per sale

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