Ask MagCloud: Upload & Publish

What is the "Upload from Flickr" feature?

MagCloud's "Upload from Flickr" feature lets you easily turn any of your personal Flickr photo sets into an 8.25" x 10.75" Standard or Pamphlet publication without needing to use a design program to create and upload a PDF file. The tool places one photo per page, so you can create a publication with anywhere from 4 to 384 photos.

To create a MagCloud publication with the "Upload from Flickr" feature all you have to do is create a set in Flickr, go to the Create page and click the "Upload PDF" button, then select "Import From Flickr" and authorize MagCloud to connect to your Flickr account.* MagCloud will import the photos from the set you created and lay them out automatically. You’ll also have the option to add a title and subtitle, as well as include the titles of your images and/or page numbers on each page.

*Note that you will need to have a personal Flicker account to use the "Upload from Flicker" feature

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