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  • C.Hub magazine: C. Hub Magazine issue 17

    Successful hardworking women are constantly haunted by both her family, colleagues, and even fellow women to condense to submissive, helpless…

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  • The Thinkery

    E-Myth author and business guru Michael Gerber tells us why most dreams fail and what to do about it, plus business tips from real-life creative…

    Tabloid / 14" x 11"
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  • Get Scrappier

    Break traditional molds of what marketing is supposed to be, and re-define it for your unique business needs. In this quick read, learn how to triage…

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  • Longe Magazine : August-Sept 2010 issue

    This issue focus on Business, Fashion & Entertainment and resources to help any business in any of these sectors. Covers: Is getting an online…

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