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  • The Recycling Mermaid

    This book is about a mermaid who meets a girl when trying to find a turtle tangled in plastic. The mermaid teaches the little girl about pollution…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print + Digital: $8.00 Digital: $2.00

    INTRODUCTION IETrends (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Trends) is an Australian start-up based in Melbourne. IETrends’ core business is to monitor…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $200.00
  • Carry It On Bicycles Calendar 2014

    Bicycles are back in favor! And not just for exercise ... these two-wheeled, human-powered vehicles are also at the forefront of a new wave of…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $14.95
  • Bougie Magazine Green Issue 2013

    Bougie Magazine presents the GREEN Issue, It’s SPRING, time to clean, replace sweaters with sundresses and have fun in the sun. We thought it would…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print + Digital: $9.50 Digital: Free!
  • Recycle Series: Recycle Series

    A book with the best 25 images of my Recycle Series. See my website.
    Signed editions available in the Washington DC Metro area.

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $25.00
  • Toxic Alphabet

    An ABC book of dark humor about some of the man made hazards that plague our environment. From Acid Rain Albatross to Zinc Poisoning Zebra, this…

    Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
    Print + Digital: $7.95 Digital: Free!
  • 10 ways to go green

    10 ways to go green! A children's book to help elementary school students find ways to make the world a greener place

    Digest / 8.25" x 5.25"
    Print + Digital: $9.95 Digital: $2.00