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  • Reference: Aspects of the Dead

    VOLUME I: THE HUMAN SKULL Our first book focuses on what is undeniably the most popular of the human skeletal structure: the skull. Within this…

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  • SCARS: SCARS Magazine: Dead Genesis

    This issue of SCARS mixes the old with the new, with interviews and articles from both retro icons and genre up and comers. We’ve got Sonny Landham…

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  • Chiller Magazine: Spring 2011

    This issue will focus on tales of kindly and malicious ghosts and highlight some popular sighting locations. Also included is a section of info about…

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  • Paul McCartney: Paul McCartney: Dead or Alive?

    Is Paul McCartney Dead or Alive? Read the convincing article that shows how Paul McCartney actually died back in the 60's. Read about the hidden…

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