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    This issue is dedicated to the " Women of Knockdown/ Full Contact Karate"
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    Exclusive Interview with Soshu Shigeru Oyama, Wolrd Oyama Karate
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    Fighter Profiles, Tournament Report, Interview with Jim Ernest
  • 4 publications, last published 24 OCT 2012
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    Cover Story, TE ATA A movie based on a true story from the Chickasaw Nation, 21C a new contemporary hotel located in downtown OKC historic building, Performing Arts, OCCC announce new concert series ...
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    For the Fall 2009 issue of Oklahoma Performance Magazine we're bringing you another very special article from one of Oklahoma's great legends. This issue features OSU basketball coach Eddie Sutton. ...
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    See Who's What and What's What on the cutting edge of technology in the Mid-Willamette Valley. The Willamette Innovator's Night '09 brought the best and the brightest to Corvallis, Oregon, in November...
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    Cover Story, Toby Rowland , O.U. And Brandion Weeden, OSU, Entertainment, Shaleplay, OKC Museum of Art, Upcoming Exhibits, ARTS Council of OKC, Storytelling, The Oklahoma State Fair Experience, The W...
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    ion Cover Story, Louise Currie Gunter-Good, Art: Artist Bayer and Hahn on display, Paul Moore, Sculpture, 2013 State Fair of Oklahoma, Dining: Capers Mediterranean, CAFE 501,Sundance Airport, Letting ...
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    Cover Story, From vinyl records to computers legendary DJ Ronnie Kaye still gets his groove on, Art, Chickasaw Artists work on display, Choctaw Artist DG Smalling, Southwest travels inspire priceless ...